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Office Moving Tips and Moving Instructions

Packing Cartons

1) Place a label on either side of the carton, NOT on the top.

2) Cartons are stacked when moved. Please do not over pack. Please use our smaller 1.5 cu. ft. book boxes for books, papers and miscellaneous. Remember, always use this smaller box when possible. Only use our larger 3.0 cubic foot boxes for miscellaneous items that won't fit into the smaller boxes.

3) Never pack papers, files, or books in the larger boxes. Please use a minimum of two strips of tape on the bottom seam and 1 on the top.

4) Please use the labels and do not write directly on the box as your company may be returning the boxes for credit after the move.



1) Every item to be moved must have a label on it with a corresponding person's name and/or a department name as well as an applicable floor number, room number and piece number (please inquire with your Cross Town move coordinator for free labels and labeling recommendations). Depending upon the size of your company's relocation, we may or may not produce a formal map with assigned location numbers. Please inquire with your office move coordinator in regards to an applicable location number.

2) Computers, printers, wiring, telephones or any equipment which is fastened to desks, etc. must be disconnected.

3) If an item must be dismantled to be moved, be sure to label all of the parts. Example: secretarial desk with a return should be labeled on the desk and on the return.


Desks and Credenzas

1) Label the desk on the top surface.

2) Your desk will be placed on end to be moved. Please pack all desk contents.

3) Place small items such as pens, paper clips, rubber bands, etc. in an envelope and put it in one of your moving cartons.

4) Glass tops on desk - place a separate label on lower right hand corner. A) Remove all papers from under glass B) Remember, you still must label the desk.


File Cabinets

1) Vertical (standard) file cabinets can be moved full. It is not necessary to pack contents. Be sure all pressure plates are moved forward.

2) Lateral File Cabinets - You may leave the bottom two drawers full. All drawers above the bottom two must be packed in cartons, unless they are traveling up or down stairs.

3) Locks on file cabinets - if your file cabinet has a lock on it, to which you have the key, lock the file cabinet prior to moving. Be sure to store the key where it can be easily located after the move. If you do not have the key to the lock, please wrap packing tape around the lock until the lock can no longer be forced onto locking position. This prevents accidental locking during the move.



1) Contents are to be removed and packed into cartons.

2) If your bookshelves are held together by small metal or plastic pins or brackets, please remove the shelves and then remove all of the pins or brackets. Place them in a sealed envelope and pack them into one of your moving cartons. Don't forget to label each shelf with the same label as your bookcase.


Large Supply Cabinets (and/or other) Cabinets.

1) Remove all contents and pack into cartons.

2) Label all cartons with the same label as the cabinet.

3) Do not tape doors closed.


Computers, Keyboards, Printers, Fax Machines and all Electronic Components.

1) Unplug all equipment from the power source and from other peripheral equipment.

2) Place all cables, cords, covers etc. in a moving carton with your desk contents.

3) Make sure copiers and large printers have been properly serviced if applicable. We cannot move copiers or printers if they are leased. Please check with the leasing company for proper relocation procedures. We also cannot relocate printers that operate with liquid ink, only powdered ink.



Place a label somewhere that it will stick, not on chair fabric. It is better to have a label on the chair base where it sticks than to have the label fall off.


Personal Items

Personal items such as small photographs, personal plants, awards, plaques, and other knick-knacks should be placed in a carton. Cross Town Movers cannot be responsible for these items if they are not packed properly.



1) It is not necessary to label carpet protectors (chair pads), or wastebaskets unless you are particularly fond of them and you require that your same unit be moved to your specific new location.

2) Labels are easily removed and will not leave any residue if removed immediately following move completion.

3) Move preparation is a great time to clean out your work area! If you haven't used certain items in a while, you probably never will. Don't move items which you no longer need.